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interview dress code and questions

hi all

i have a interview lined up and i just wanted to ask, what is the normal dress code for a designer attending a interview haha.

im thinking
trousers, shirt snazzy shoes and snazzy tie

just dont want to be a stiff in a suit? or do you think suit is best?

plus anyone got any good resources for interview questions and answers.
im preparing for the usual, what can you offer this studio etc

its been so long since i had a interview to prepare for haha

anyone got any good questions to ask. you know they totally cover all bases leaving no stone unturned then ask if you have any questions :)

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated



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Hmm... even if you don't want to wear a full-on suit, definitely don't wear jeans. I'd keep things smart regardless of if it's a suit or not.

As for questions, if you don't think of anything really good beforehand, listen out during the interview for any points they make about the company that you can ask them to expand on. That'll show you have at least basic listening skills and an some interest in how the company works.


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If you know who the company are, which you should, do your homework about what they do and ask questions about that.


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it really does depend on the company and it's worth spending time looking into it first.

Maybe I'm just weird but I've gone to plenty of meetings in smart jeans, shoes and shirt without any issues and I personally wouldn't have an issue with interviewing a designer in jeans, as long as they're not torn to threads type.
I agree with Levi 'smart' jeans are fine.

Nice shirt, clean finger nails and have a shower before you go.
I've worn Converse baseball boots to an interview and got the job.

Oh, and no smoking before the interview...have one when you come out, you'll need it.
As others have mentioned it really depends on the company. I wouldn't personally wear a suit to an interview in a design agency as you can come a cross as a bit 'corp' then and not a creative person. Most agencies are pretty relaxed and I wore my normal day to day clothes (trainers, jeans) at my last 2 interviews and got the job. The guy who interviewed me in my current company was wearing skinny jeans with holes in them and Converse trainers. :)

Regarding questions, just ask what you want to know and do your homework on the company. At least in my 2 last interviews they didn't really ask the standard questions you'd have in other types of companies. It was more like a chat. They want to know who you are, what you're about, and if you'll fit in to the company. Actually the first 20 mins of my last interview was about my travels. :D

Don't worry too much about it. In the end it all comes down to your portfolio and skills.