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I applied for a casual graphic designer vacancy at a student union. They have sent through a task and I am to bring the outcome to the interview on Friday. They want a range of social media ads, posters and leaflets using their brand guidelines (which they have failed to send!) anyway I wonder how much emphasis is put on explaining why you came up with the artwork rather than the artwork itself? Of course I'm going to give the artwork my best shot but I feel that how you explain it and why you did what you did will have the bigger impact, any thoughts? Agree/disagree? The interview is going to be 25 minutes long, they have already asked for links to a portfolio so I don't think my portfolio will be needed I suspect it will all about the artwork they have asked for.

It's been a long time since going to an interview for a Graphic Design job (I always bombed at them) and I never had to produce any artwork for the interview, so this is a new one on me.

For reference: "Using the existing Intro brand guidelines, please produce some artwork that is fun and engaging to build the excitement around Intro Week at the Students’ Union. Please create a range of online (social media) and offline (posters and leaflets) assets, considering various dimensions and requirements for different platforms of social media. Please bring your artwork with you to the interview to present to the panel."


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Say that since they didn’t give you the corporate guidelines that you took the initiative to create a similar product and did posters in ads for them so that you can show the consistency also this does not give them free work which is against graphic design standards anyway


Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned the lack of guidelines, I already emailed them to ask for them and as you say I will just look at previous years leaflets, social media etc to get an idea (I have already done this anyway as I want to get started on it this weekend).

But thanks for the advice anyway.