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Internet Explorer 9 developer testing out


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Internet Explorer 9: Platform Demos

Please note this is still a pure testing version only and not intended for regular use,

So bugs are to be expected, and it appears the JavaScript engine is not working yet.

IE9 current developer features:

# All selectors by the looks of it including:

  • E:root
  • E:nth-child(n)
  • E:nth-last-child(n)
  • E:nth-of-type(n)
  • E:nth-last-of-type(n)
  • E:last-child
  • E:first-of-type
  • E:last-of-type
  • E:eek:nly-child
  • E:eek:nly-of-type
  • E:eek:nly-child
  • E:eek:nly-of-type

  • E:empty
  • E:target
  • E:enabled
  • E:disabled
  • E:checked
  • E:indeterminate
  • E:not(s)
  • E::selection
# Colour values,
# Namespaces,
# Backgrounds with borders.
# Border radius
# Media Queries

HTML and JavaScript:
# Increased support for HTML5,
# Improvements in JavaScript performance.
# getElementsByClassName
# DOMContentLoaded event
# DOM range and selection

Along with other improvements to graphics and SVG support.
This is just the currently announced features with more to follow before it goes live.

I'll try to update the list when I can or if anyone else hear's of any new features please post. : )


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Looks like they are going to put out a good browser :D
But the Google analytics I've recently seen for my work show a 25% usage of IE6 over the past year... :'(


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O yeah it's still going to mostly irrelevant until IE9 becomes the de-facto IE browser. I personally reckon releasing IE8 was a mistake, that said I know they offer IE8 and an update from IE7 via windows update but it's currently set to optional which again in my opinion is a massive mistake but hay.

We'll see as soon as it comes out I'm going to be pushing everyone I know to update, work, they updated to 8 after I moaned about it, fam and friends and if all web devs did that to the latest version of IE I reckon we could get round to some great stuff across the board pretty quickly.


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What they need to do is add some fun features
for all the *thinks of a non offensive word to describe people that I'm thinking of* non-techie people to want it more


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IE6 was state of the art when it first came out, they just got complacent with 99% market share.

Now Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari have become more popular due to them being more advanced and Microsoft losing Millions if not billions in search every year due to Google being the default engine as a result it's obvious they are trying to catch up as quick as possible. I mean in bench tests according to the test pages, this second version JavaScript wise is what 6 if not 7 times faster, thats going to make a huge differance in how fast IE9 loads pages and is currently faster than Firefox's.

But as it's now down to milliseconds anyway it wont really be noticeable.
Personally I prefer IE8's font rendering by miles, just shame due to it's slow page loading and lack of CSS support, but if that changes I reckon I'll switch back TBH. :)


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Chrome 5 loading is orgasmic ^_^
We were pondering over their use of google cache to bring in the pages quicker or some other such voodoo