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international agreements/contracts

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by aynee, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. aynee

    aynee New Member

    Hi you all,

    I hope that some of you can have an answer for my issue.
    I am an italian designer, and an Australian client asked me for a design. Do you know a sample for an international contract?
    I usually use a model with references to Italian laws.
    What happens internationally?

    Thank you very much in advance
  2. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    I've worked for a lot of Australian clients.
    I usually just make a pretty standard agreement covering cost, outlining the job and deliverables and stuff about the rights.
    Pretty much the same for what I'd do for a UK client.
    I'm not that formal at the best of times though.

    From what I've heard of Italian law then I guess you're in for an easy ride on this one. ;)
  3. aynee

    aynee New Member

    Hi Scotty,
    first of all thank you for your reply! Even if Italian law could may not have a good reputation,
    I want to do things well, or at least as most think is good.

    If a private agreement, without referrings to the law, worked for you many times... I can feel more serene!

    Then: no link to copyrights laws at all?
    If there are problems (I hope not...) which government would support?

    So boring things... I know.......

    PS. perhaps this info is important: I should design objects... not only graphic
  4. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    When I've worked with non UK clients I've just used the same as I've used for UK clients as well, this covers all the general stuff like Scotty said. In general terms most countries that respect contracts etc are pretty similar when it comes to the 'legal stuff'.

    Depending on the country of the client I may include a bit about using UK courts to settle any disputes (unlikely it would come to this anyway if you do things right etc) but that would be about the only change I'd likely consider.

    Payment info would need to include internation banking details like IBAN and/or swift details and in my case I'd need to check if I need to charge them VAT or not (hmm... note to self, keep up to date on EU and VAT after brexit....)
  5. aynee

    aynee New Member

    thank you Levi! Thank you both. It is encouraging to see that it is less impervious than it seems.
    I assume that copyright, royalties and so on are worldwide recognized even if I don't mention a precise law. It should be so!

    Yes, I know about IBAN, VAT etc. About this, I know that in Italy you don't have to apply VAT for foreigner clients.
  6. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    To the best of my knowledge there is no one single copyright law etc, while many overlap and are recognised outside their own country it's not quite as simple as we'd like it to be.

    As to VAT, it's got overly complicated imo (like all things done by bureaucrats) recently for digital services and depending on how things are sold etc it may be something you need to look into (Italy still falls under EU law iirc)
    Here's some UK links for reference
  7. aynee

    aynee New Member

    Hi Levi,

    yes, about VAT I can say that I know, only because I went to some Italian tax offices/authorities.
    There are cases and cases, but for my case (type of profession, VAT, amount of incomes etc. etc. etc.) it is in this way.
    This should not be taken as an example for everyone, since it could change for someone else.

    About contracts, agreements... I really don't know who to ask, this is why your opinion and experience really matter to me.

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