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Interactive / editable PDF Flyer Question


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Hi all,

I have designed an editable flyer at a clients' request and he has posed me with a good question that I do not know how to answer, with it being the first time I have designed something such as this with interactive/editable features.


Once he has made his desired changes to the text (time, date, etc), he does not want his clients to be able to edit the pdf in any way when he e-mails it to them. In other words, how can he make the PDF 'un-editable' once he has made his changes to e-mail over to his clients?

Obviously, I can easily do this using Adobe Acrobat Pro, but he just has Adobe Reader and it would defeat the purpose of an editable PDF if he has to keep coming back to me every month to change a date/time/venue etc on his flyer.

Any suggestions / solutions?

Thank you.