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Integrating Broadbean job search



Hi everyone.. got another weird question for you.. i'm trying to integrate a broadbean job search function into a Wordpress site. I can build a custom page so to be honest it can be done in PHP / HTML and not have anything to do with Wodrpess itself.

Has anyone managed to do this sort of integration before? The only crux is that I need to have the jobs displayed as individual posts if you will from a temporary XML file or something like that.. i don't know if this makes any sense?

Any help would be great :)


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Chris - some gobblygook from Joey ( don't ask me what it means )
This I believe is the easy way, there are 2 other better way but it is more complex - if you want that let me know.
Or just ring the agency and I'll pass you on to the Geek & Nerd Department.

"This can easily be done by setting up a new Wordpress template (Which is a complete PHP/HTML file) and assigning it to a page.You can then write all your bespoke PHP functions for reading and displaying the XML file straight into the new template file.The only hard thing is stripping out all of Wordpress' functions that
you no longer need."


Looks like your geek and nerd dept thought the same as me :) glatd that i'm not thinking down the wrong path.. i've contacted the dev team at broadbean too as they mentioned something about developing a wordpress plugin and I wanted to know if it was ready for beta testing (as I'm sure the client would be happy to beta it :))

Thanks for the help Berry.. i might very well give the geek department a call if I get very stuck with the PHP code :)


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Chris I'm looking at doing something similar at the moment. The alternative the client is looking at is Arithon. I've also been told that hotlizard is a good solution. I'm of the opinion a nice word press themed website with a broadbean plugin would be a better way to go.

Let me know if you hear back from broadbean about the plugin I'd be eager to take a look.


Let me know when the plugin is available and I will let the client know. The client may or may not be interested, as the job is complete.

Is the plugin a free one?


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Hello, I am keen to speak to someone who can generate a plugin just like what Aap3 have shown. I'm only a tad technical and not too sure once following the steps that the geek dept have put down will be enough to show off a decent board