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integrated or external blog?


Senior Member
Hi all,

some of you may know that Im having a few issues with added a decent blog to a joomla website at the moment. I really want it to be run on wordpress but the websites an online shop built upon joomla and virtuemart!

Pros and cons of either having the blog within joomla and using something like this:

WordPress for Joomla! | Wordpress

OR should I create a wordpress template reflective of the website design and link to an "external" wordpress blog in sitedomain.co.uk/blog

Interested to have thoughts and views thrown around on this matter...
I suppose that the biggest argument against using the external blog is that the benefits you'd seek from promoting the blog towards your keywords and so on would be lost for your main site, surely?


Senior Member
Yep, its a big aspect of it. The benefits from running the blog inline with Joomla would be the links found across the web etc would be directly on the website that holds the online store rather than an external directory...
This is the problem with many open source platforms. Many of them are either good at ecommerce or good at blogging or a good cms. You could host the blog on the same domain, you would have two logins you would get more fresh content on your website. If it was external you could get inbound links. Why not do both?

We designed our own cms which has a pretty good blog and ecommerce function built in so we dont have any compatibility issues.
I guess it depends if you want to integrate things like latest blog posts on your sites homepage, might be easier if its all integrated. If this doesnt matter you could easily set up a separate wordpress site on yourdomain.com/blog and because its the same domain, it will work nicely from an seo perspective. blog.yourdomain.com wouldnt do this since it would be classed as a separate domain to your main site.