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Inspirational Items: How do you gather and keep yours?

Hello all,

I currently use my Firefox browser to save all my inspiring links but this is getting too much! I have over 500 links? Is this normal? Do you guys have more than this or am I too trigger happy?!
I want to use something that will help me keep these bookmarks/items together in a nice easy way that I can find exactly what I need later. I don't really think sites like the social bookmark sites (delicious) will help me as a designer since I don't think they have any great features that my firefox browser doesn't already have that will help me as web designer.

So what do you guys use to keep your bookmarks/inspirtation items in a nice sortable, findable way?

I have asked this on other forums, the best recommendations I can remember is Google Notebook or a piece software, can’t remember the name of it but it was for macs, I am on windows machine though.

Thanks all
I find Zootool a really brilliant tool for bookmarking inspirational items. You can save images, videos, and websites as well. You can also create groups so you can share your bookmarks with others, which is quite handy if you're working on a project with other people.

Tom Sound

Active Member
Can I just pitch in and ask, what do you all do with your emails?

Can you save them somewhere other than your user data file where they're still accessible? I've got nearly 10,000 emails now. Obviously not all of them are worth keeping, but it would be great to archive say a year at a time. It would be quicker than sifting through and deleting the one's I don't need.

anyone? :up:


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I just use chromes bookmarks, though I backup regularly on xmarks too.
I wish there was a custom google search which searched through just my bookmarked pages...