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Inspirational Corporate Identity Design


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That is very cool & useful as we've just designed the logo for a PR company and will be rolling out the rest of the identity over the next week!

Thanks for sharing!


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good stuff! - I look forward to seeing it! - checked out your blog and your work looks real nice btw... very good standard!
I shall upload the designs into my album when they are completed or even post a little thread to get some opinions on the designs :D

I appreciate your thoughts about my work, thank you.
tbwcf - you wouldn't know how I could modify my blog so I can customize it too my own liking?

I have viewed other peoples blogs on blogspot.com and they seem very customized?

Any help will be appreciated thanks.


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I did customise some look into customising some blogger sites a few months ago but quickly moved on to wordpress. Although using wordpress you really need to have your own hosting to customise it otherwise you just have a choice of their templates.

I'll try and take a trip down memory lane/dig out old files this afternoon and point you in the right direction!


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Thanks for posting this link Jamie, some really nice examples in there!
Really liked the 'designeye' stationery...

Now I'm having a confusing moment, should a thread like this stay in the branding forum or should it be in the design inspiration area.... answers on a postcard :D