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Hey ya'll, I'm not sure if there is a specific area for this, but lately as a designer I've been feeling kind of bummed. I feel as though the ideas I want to explore are either impossible or financially crippling. I tend to get bored quickly doing the same thing and I would like to look at different areas, be introduced to new resources that triggers inspiration and creativity.

So what I'm asking is...what do you look at when you need inspiration? Care to share your resources?
Depends. Other people's work can be inspiring, but at the same time if I'm trying to create something original I tend to be drawn towards the things I've recently seen, which is counter productive.

I find locking myself away in a room with coffee/alcohol/tea/biscuits/other drug and really focussing on what I'm trying to achieve really inspires original creativity. Block out mundane thoughts, and focus until all you see is what you're working on. But then that's for a design solution, not artistic creativity, so that might not suit.

Go for a walk. Sleep on it. Forget about it. Let your mind wander. The brain works when you least expect it, and then it will pop up with a tasty morsel.


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Yeah I totally agree, I did the whole separation from the outside world thing, a few times this week. Are there any inspirational magazines or podcasts anyone checks out or something? I would like links to a few videos...documentaries and the sort if anyone knows any.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Try reading. When you're bombarded by visuals constantly it can be hard to find your own ideas. Listening to music, reading a book or just day-dreaming are great ways to just let your mind wander and be free.
Do a handstand. Look at the world from a different level, point of view, or whatever. Sometimes when the world starts looking boring and unoriginal, all you need to do is to change how you see it. It's simpler than you think.


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I look for beautiful photos, read quotes or anything that can make my eyes and soul happy. I can recommend my sources like Kozzi.com and image-quotes.com
Get out and away from the computer, explore nature, take some photographs. They're excellent for creating natural colour pallets. You might even see something that inspires you or something you could use as the basis of an idea to bounce around. Carrying a sketch pad at all times helps. It doesn't need to be a big one but just let your hand wonder and see what you come up with when you have a spare minute or two.