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Inspiration Lunch

Another boring white website, kind of see your point about how they are all the same . . .

In any case this studio is really fantastic!! And those interested in seeing what studios look like on the inside (WOW) then have a look at their chalk wall! It Rocks.

Projects - Folch Studio

Enjoy, :up:



not my thing personally Vanya, but thanks for sharing :) I think they are slightly too minimalist and their design that they show off in their various sections seems very much the same minimalism... I like some minimalism, but I feel that the design is just floating and lost..

Just my opinion and in no way an insult to anyone who finds it appealing :)
hehe, cool :)

I guess Im a bit of an old fart at heart and cant get over the swiss - ish ways!

Still, the chalk board in their studio as an ideas wall is sweet???


the chalk board thing is a nice idea :) but the layout of the rest of the site just seems very lost to me.. :)

I'm sure other people will have their opinions about this sooner or later :)


Staff member
I don't have a problem with white sites Vanya and this site isn't actually too bad in the design approach, they've actually done something with it, rather than the plain indexhibit template.

I'm not sure I like the menu staying fixed but I can appreciate the layout into grids etc.

As to inspirational, not so sure, kind of reminds me of a book from Philippe Starck which I've had for got to be close to 10 years now, so it might have inspired me back then but not so much now.

I agree about the black wall being a nice idea, but I bet its a pain to clean compared with a white board - chalk never seems to clean properly unless you use a wet cloth which seems a lot of effort to me.


everything around me inspires me in one way or another.. :) but I guess I think differently :lol:
come on guys, more effort hehe!

That's to easy, you must have some preference to who you like etc . . . We all are inspired by everything that is what makes you, you!

No preferred art movements? Designers or Studios? Illustrators?
(Please do not say David Carson)

I like Di Stijl for its integral part in developing the modern graphic design industry.


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its not an easy thing to narrow down inspiration if everything you see can inspire you.

If I was to change the topic towards what sort of design/designers do I like ...
jean paul gautier
charles renee mackintosh (I got into him well before the revival of his stuff)
hr giger
frank lloyd wright
phillippe starck as I've mentioned elsewhere
japanese designers (link to a blog) and of course their anime (its on a completely different level storywise to western stuff) - Torii Yoshinori and the gonzo and bones studios especially.
Stephan Martiniere

But I also pay a great deal of attention to cg movies (vexille, appleseed, appleseed ex machina and final fantasy: advent children for example), they're great for giving me tips and tricks in relation to my work as was pocoyo (kiddy program voiced by stephen fry) suprisingly even though it isn't my exact field of cad.

New designers doing 2D work don't really inspire me as its usually pretty similar to work that has been done for many years, its very rare that you get a completely new approach to typography for example.

But it doesn't mean I necessarily apply their work styles in my own, I've got my own style of presentation etc


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i got inspired by a toilet break once.

anyone remember that "my guide to uni" logo? it came from a toilet.


now thats a good place to get inspiration.. on the toilet :D some of the best ideas come from sitting on the toilet :p