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Inspiration for new studio layout

I have recently been offered a new position within a company who is creating a design department.

Previously all design was outsourced to a freelance designer and the company has now decided to bring in-house. The office is open plan and I have tasked with making my space look more creative.

I have never worked within an agency environment and have always worked as part of an in-house team with an open plan office.

I have started working on research using pinterest mostly for inspiration. So far I have thought of having a large decal on the wall, either a really nice inspirational image, typographic quote or illustration.

It would be good to hear everyones feedback on how I could achieve this mini-agency look just around one desk basically?


Paul Murray

Staff member
A vinyl graphic (or even a painted mural if you budget/lease allows it) will instantly spice up a space. You can't go wrong with the classic Ikea shelves with some design books and the odd nik-nak.

Get some shelving and the space will create itself.
I was thinking of that Paul, just not sure what to have a mural of. I'm thinking a really bright wall with a typographic quote, that way it won't date.

The owner is basically wanting the business to revolve around the design department, he even asked me if i'd like a slanted desk to make it look more 'designy' haha obviously I refused!


Staff member
I visited a local studio a few months ago who've had their meeting room lego'd.. By that I mean, the walls are either lego bricks or lego vinyl.

oh, and the office space was full of lego, with staff being encouraged to 'build' during the working day.
Type is a great idea. Doesn't even have to be a quote. Type and letters alone can just make great designs for a mural or vinyl. Play around with sizes and shapes, different typefaces… could be very cool.