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Innovative cover letters

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by Mike // DFCLStudio, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Hello you all...
    Ok, so here I am, after trashing about 10 or 15 cover letters, trying to find an innovative way to say hi...
    Let's see. I'm about to release an online publication, and there's several people that I'd like to invite for collaboration/interviews and such, besides the ones on my network.
    So then, I find myself trying to write a quick note, likable enough to skip the bin -we know it well: designers are cruel.

    So the question is:
    - How would you like to be approach, let's say for a quick phone/email interview?
    - How would you approach people that you consider legends (let's say Attik)?

    Thanks for your help, chaps...
    And BTW, if anybody wants to participate... give a shout!
  2. Sim

    Sim Junior Member

    Screw the letter idea and consider how else you could approach them. Why not create a product or an item that resembles what your offering? Something that stands out more than a letter?

    What audience are you targeting exactly?
  3. No no no...
    It has to be just a quick written thing... it's not actually a letter. It has to be a 5, 6-lines email.
    The audiences is the creative community. Big studios and agencies, mainly.

    now i'm considering sending rubber duckies with a screenprint / vinyl sticker
  4. Rob

    Rob New Member

    I've been thinking about this a lot lately as well, Mike. How do you get around the standard cover letter, that we assume many places want to see, but most likely don't care about.

    I'm pondering a popup-card idea, when you open it, it's split into 4 segments, and each segment is a little illustration about me / my work / whatver, with a high level description of my deal.

    Try and think outside the box.
  5. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hi Mike,

    Get the feeling the thread title is throwing people off a little with this one!

    With regards to the e-mail I would just write something honest and to the point, I wouldn't try to be too clever or too witty with it. I think you might be surprised how responsive people can be when you keep it down to earth and just explain why you're contacting them and why you would like them to become involved.

    I've sent a few e-mails about the forums, and just been as honest as I can about why I'm contacting them, also saying at the end of the e-mail 'if I don't hear back I won't contact again' so they know they're not going to be bombarded with the same e-mail helps IMO :)

    I guess if you can reveal a bit more about the online publication people might be able to throw in some more specific suggestions/ideas..

  6. Rob

    Rob New Member

    As Greg just pointed out, I didn't read your initial post properly Mike. I'll think about this a bit more and update - I had to write a few of these emails over the past week or so, and don't really feel like I'm getting anywhere with it.
  7. twiggy8520

    twiggy8520 Senior Member

    I've noticed that if you mention some work they have done, you get more replies because it shows that you are taking an interest in them and aren't just sending a blanket email. I've heard a few designers say that, and try not to start off with dear sir/madam a few designers just trash a email beginning with that.
  8. palmerama

    palmerama Junior Member

    Your initial post's just right - simple, clear, friendly. If you're trying too hard, you'll get ignored. A few lines of nice copy next to a photo of some boobs should do it.

    I'd reply.
  9. Rob

    Rob New Member

    Genius! :clap:

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