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Initial Idea - Dayspeed

I wish I had some constructive feedback but I think it's spot on. Really has that car feel to it. And I think this site will really appeal to the target audience. Love the way you did the shadow behind the top content area. Perhaps make the book online button stand out a bit more? Could get a bit over the top though and I like it as it is as well.

Great Job!


Senior Member
Cheers mate - yea the online booking is a new feature.

I figured if I have a tab above all the pages it can be more secondary in the content.



Active Member
Hey jHouse,

Liking this new design, the style fits really well with the market and audience IMO, there's a few grid things I would mention but you said that's being worked on so will hold fire on that ;)

A few points I noticed that might give you a couple of ideas...

I would style the sub-navigation on the page (with the red bg) the same as the main navigation button, or just add a subtle gradient to tone down the red a touch.

Would the Good Garage Scheme icon work well on the right hand side in light grey to balance off against the logos on the left side? (there may be limitations to what can be done with GGS logo so please ignore that if so!)

Only other thing I was going to suggest trying was looking at adding a subtle carbon fiber background to the header, could fade in from the top or form a band across the middle behind the logo? Just an idea for ya!

Hope that helps, just a few ideas really as it's looking strong already :)
Nice work, Greg


Senior Member
Absolutely love it. I agree with pretty much everything said however the shadow that you avhe added to the top of the white content area I feel needs to vary from the left to right as personally I cannot get it set in my head that the shadow is realistic (however I do know it is!) Maybe try a squared off page curl on the right? Just a small one so not to ruin the positioning of "£30 Hour" etc.

I think the carbon fade could work really well however now that youve added a "trendy texture" of your own I will sit back and wait.

Anyway - brilliant job, and it definately says "CAR"

Will wait to see the final thing...