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index file problem!

I'm a little puzzled!

I was working on my new website yesterday in my office on my desktop Mac. I'm starting to learn my way around dreamweaver and dipped my toe in the CSS pond.

However, when i grabbed the file from my desktop to put on my MacBook to carry on with downstairs it didn't open correctly, the layout was completely different.

I transferred all the files, index.html, images folder and style.css but for some reason it's not the same as on my other Mac, any clues??


um... is your website only HTML and not PHP (like running on Wordpress, Joomla or anything like that?) if so then it will not look the same at all
I just have the one index.html at the moment and this is the file that has a different layout when i open it in dreamweaver on my MacBook
As i'm just finding my way around dreamweaver i downloaded a free template from styleshout and worked on changing and modifying it to look how i wanted (all on my Mac) then when i sent the site folder to my MacBook and opened it again it's just not the same, i'll try and post some pics showing the difference..
I believe it's just a standard font, which is on my MacBook, it seems to me (and I'm a still a novice in dreamweaver) that it isn't reading the CSS style correctly, could this be possible?


very possible indeed... you've not edited anything on the CSS before moving the files onto you Macbook? If you haven't then it might be in the actual html file and that the html file isn't calling the right style, or it might be trying to look for the css file in a css folder, have a look in the header of the html too, it might say that the css file its looking for is in a different place to where it is on your macbook.
It was ready the CSS file from the correct location...so when all else fails try the old 'switch it off and on again'!!

So i trashed all files on my MacBook transferred them across again from my desktop, opened the index.html and would you believe it.......it now opens correctly!!

Thanks for helping Chris.....it's appreciated