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InDesign to Quark

I've got a potential project coming up to design some presentation templates for a client. Whilst I'm running Adobe CS3 they will need to edit the content in Quark (version 8 I believe but getting this confirmed). Does anyone have any experience with opening and editing InDesign files in Quark? Just trying to pre-empt any possible cross compatibility issues etc.
Hmm, seems no one uses Quark these days! If anyone does have any experience with this would be appreciated, shall have to do some more digging on Google and see what I can find in the meantime.


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We use Quark as our main app - and dabble in In-Design, I'll forward this to our CD who is enjoying a long bank holiday!!!!
Thanks, I've done Quark to InDesign before too and it wasn't too bad, the document is not going to be that text heavy so hopefully this will help.

Did you get any feedback from your CD on this Berry? Starting the job next week but would rather make sure I know any issues in advance to save stress later.