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Indesign to Google Slides.

Hello everyone,

I have been tasked with designing a presentation template in Google Slides. I'm finding Slides quite limiting and ideally, would like to design the template in Indesign, and then export it somehow into Google Slides as an editable template.

Is this even possible? I would appreciate any advice.

Cheers, Glitch.
Thank's Hank,

I found this page myself before posting on the forum but people have commented at the bottom of the page saying they can't get the app anymore which put me off.


Staff member
Ah sorry about that.

You can design in InDesign - then export to PDF.

PDF allows a conversion to PPT from Acrobat (latest version does a pretty neat job).

Once you have the bones of it in powerpoint you can

Open a Blank Google Slides Presentation.
Click the New > Google Slides
Select Upload from Your Computer