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indesign text won't center at top of circle path!

I'm probably being really stupid but basically I'm designing an oval shaped label where there is text running along the bottom of the label at the moment. I now need to put text at the top so I have created a new shape, put it on top of the other shape, selected the shape, using the type on path tool I have clicked the 6 o'clock position, but when aligning to center it goes to the bottom? No matter what I do it always seems to center align at the bottom and not the top. Any ideas?

Select the text path using the direct selection tool and hover the cursor over the line protruding from the oval path - point A on picture 1 (see attached). You'll see what looks like an upside-down "T" appear next to the cursor arrow (point B). Click, hold, and drag this anchor line round until the text sits at the top of the oval - see picture 2.

Hope this helps, if you haven't already figured it out.


Oops :rolleyes: Just realized that you asked about InDesign. It's actually a fairly similar system, except that InDesign centers the text within two "bookend" style measures - see point A and B on attached pic. You can move these two measures around the path as in Illustrator, and these are used to contain the text.

Hope that helps!


thanks, I actually tried playing around with the measures for a while but couldn't seem to get them to align the text to the top, mainly because for some reason I couldn't get the measure on the right side to move clockwise. I ended up just creating a line with the pen tool which went in line with the oval, did the trick. One thing I did notice is that it only happens in that document, tried it with a more recent project and worked first time, may well be to do with the actual object having some saved options on it to keep the text to the bottom.