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InDesign placement problems


Senior Member

I want to place a image inside a box I have positioned in InDesign cs4. No matter how I place the image, it never fits inside the box.

How can I import a image so that I can adjust it's size without cropping.

I know this may be basic but I'm in a hurry :)

Thank You
right click the box and fit to frame.... but this may distort the proportions. Or, get the size of the container and crop the image in photoshop. (not like that takes long).

oooor, if you use the direct selection tool (the white arrow at the top of the toolbar) you can resize/move the image inside the box.


Senior Member
It's still making it really blurry :(. I've altered the size in Photoshop, but as soon as I place in in InDesign, it distorts it.