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InDesign PDF Export

Hi guys,

hope this is okay to post here. I'm designing a flyer in Indesign for a client, however when I export as pdf for print the colouring has changed:

left side is the PDF - right side is InDesign screenshot

I don't want the print to come out all hazey and grey??

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong. I'm quite new to print.

thanks for any help.



how are you making the PDF? Are you printing to Distiller, making a Postscript file or exporting as a PDF?


try printing a postscript file, upping all the levels on distiller then distil the .ps file... worth giving it a try :)
in indesign preferences, under 'appearance of black' have you got it set up to display all blacks accurately?

so long as the black is C40,M10,Y10,K100 for litho, or C60,M60,Y60,K100 for digital you'll be fine regardless of how it looks on screen.


Senior Member
other option maybe open pdf into photoshop, and change the levels.

As nik has mentioned, c0 m0 y0 k100 is most likely what you have as the black

try Niks formula should make a drastic difference.