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InDesign - Interactive PDFs

Hi All,

I've been using InDesign recently to produce interactive PDFs for a client I'm working with. The current PDF that I'm putting together has about 13 different SWF files embedded into the file which I created using the interactive features of In-design CS5.

Previous PDFs that I have created like this have run fine but this latest one loads really slowly and each animation really stutters and doesn't flow properly when loaded. I've optimised all the animations to 72dpi and medium jpeg compression but this doesn't make any difference. I've also exported the PDF using 72dpi and med JPEG compression.

Can someone please help out by explaining how I can optimise the animations even further so the whole PDF runs smoothly and doesn't take ages to skip to each page?

Thanks in advance!
There are going to be limits with what you are going to be able to achieve by using PDFs in this way. You wont be able to put any SWF into a PDF and it will work flawlessly - it depends on what it is you are doing and how you are doing it. Sounds like it could be an optimisation issue. How complex are the SWFs? What is the spec of the machine running the PDF? Ideally you should create everything in Flash but then that would be writing code. Could you try Flash Catalyst as I think that might do something similar and might be geared up better.
I used to have a similar issue with SWF files. Unfortuantely it all boiled down to the hardware I was using. At the time I worked on an iMac. Top of the range it may have been but it still had issues outputting large SWF files - essentially they were 5 minute movies.

However, on purchasing a MacPro all these issues disappeared overnight and the same files were outputted in under 10 seconds as opposed to 3 minutes.

Im afraid you will probably be looking at your computer as the main issue here. If it starts pushing its processor to do this, the end result will suffer. Time to start saving :)