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Indesign/Ilustrator Help?

Discussion in 'General Software & Hardware Forum:' started by Conway, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. Conway

    Conway New Member

    Hi All

    I am planning to set up a document in Indesign or Illustrator for a client which is a High Street Recruitment agency, basically they want me to put togther a nicely presented table of candidates currently looking for work, along with various headings to identify each candidate in detail, one of which is key skills and background history about each candidate.

    The last column they want at the end of this table is the heading View CV
    The client has asked me if it is possible to set up this up as a pdf document which they would then forward onto a number of their clients who are looking to fill vancancies with candidates that are currently available and looking for work.

    My question is, Is it possible to set up this View CV link within Indesign or Illustrator which, when clicked, would link straight to the cadidates word CV, Can such a feature be implented within a PDF file, and if so, How is this achieved?

    I look forward to your replys...:)
  2. InDesign allows you to make a hyperlink.

    Type the View CV text into InDesign then select the text and under the type menu at the top select Hyperlinks and Cross-Reference and select New Hyperlink.. then you can select the word document on your website or webserver.

    I hope that helps :)
  3. Conway

    Conway New Member

    Thanks Chris mitchell

    Is there anyway though that I can somehow embedd these word CVs into the PDF document? when it is sent out, because these word documents wont be part of any direct links to any websites, nor will they be hosted on any web I guess what I am saying is, can you only link to external files that are hosted online?
  4. you can only link to an external file from what i have ever done, if you wanted the CV to be local it would just be as another file sitting with the PDF (so it would be a bit irrelevant). I would definitely upload the CV to a storage area online (even some sort of dropbox utility or something like that) and link directly to that :)

    hope that helps :)
  5. Conway

    Conway New Member

    when you say storage area what do you mean by that? Do you know of any websites that offer this service for free?......where I could upload say 20 CVs at a time to link too.

    thanks :)
  6. Conway

    Conway New Member

    Does the user the other end who wishes to view the CV ( ie. the client) have to have the Dropbox software installed in order for the link to work? or do I only need to download the dropbox software.

  7. not if you have the files you wish to share in your public folder, they will not need a dropbox account or to download the dropbox software :)
  8. Conway

    Conway New Member

    Excellent!!! thats exactly the answer I was looking for, ok great, I will look into that, thanks a million for all your help Cmitch! sorry for all the questions..but hey least you know if I have any problems you will be the first to know......LOL

    Thanks again!
  9. No problems mate.. I will close the thread :)
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