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InDesign Help.


New Member
Hi everyone,

I'm not very experienced in InDesign, and I need help!

Basically, I've got body text in which I've styled via paragraph styles, with a first line indent of 5mm, but I don't want this rule to be applied to the first line of the first paragraph. Does anyone know how to make this work, as I currently have every paragraph with a 5mm first line indent, I just need to 'turn this off' for the first line of the first paragraph! This may be a dumb question..


Paul Murray

Staff member
Off the top of my head, I'd use a separate textbox for the first paragraph and apply a paragraph style with the indent to that one.


New Member
Yeah I was thinking there'd be an option to ignore the paragraph style, but maybe not!

I just had a look on your webpage.. I like it, clean and to the point :)
Paul's solution works obviously, other than that it would have been a case of setting up two para styles, one with the indent and one without and applying where necessary.