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Indesign cs5 saving book as pdf


Junior Member
hi guys,
just signed up to the website but since i have a question to ask, I thought id come straight here instead of making 2 posts with a introduction.

Right my question is that i need to save my magazine as a pdf.

my magazine is 40 pages, i want to perfect bound this . so obviously i will be only printing 36 pages as a magazine, Then the other 4 pages will be the front/back cover to be attached afterwards.

when i print in indeisgn for perfect bound to my printer, indesign re-arranges the pages in the correct oder so when i fold them they match up.
e.g (4,1 / 2,3 / 8,5 / 6,7 ect) and when its folded up it reads ( 1 / 2,3/ 4,5 / 6,7 / 8 ect)

but since im not using my printer i need the magazine to be printed from a PDF file.
when i save as a pdf it just saves in order (1-36) so when it goes to print its not in the correct order that my magazine needs to be.

could anyone tell me how i can save this in the correct order for perfect bound as a pdf.
if i cant do it so simply could anyone tell me the easiest way to get these pages in the correct order.


welcome to the forum. saving it as a pdf ordered normally should be fine as most printers will order it themselves before print, just state to them exactly how you want it.