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InDesign and Excel - Please help!!!

Hi there,

I use InDesign for quarterly reports which contain a lot of figures. Some of these figures get sent to me in Excel, I already have the tables set up with the right layout etc in InDesign.

Is there a way I can get the figures from Excel to the table I have in InDesign without manually typing it all out (as I do at the moment) and without disrupting the layout of my tables already in InDesign?

Thanks to anyone that can help!


you should be able to import direct into it by the import under file menu in inDesign.. thats how it worked for me :)


Senior Member
You can actually even just copy and paste it. as long as you have the table set up in indesign to the same amount of rows and columns. Then copy it from excel and highlight ALL the cells in indesign and hit paste. that usually works for me!