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InDesign and 'bastard' setting?

just reading a book at the moment (Designing for Newspapers & magazines, Chris Frost, 2003) which mentions a 'bastard' setting - anything which deviates from the norm, usually referring to adhering to master columns.

However, playing about with InDesign, I can't find anything about this term. Google throws up only the offensive results... Some of them quite humorous in reference to InDesigns quite frustrating quirks!

Is this term still used in newspaper and magazine production?
I know of the term (been working at a newspaper for the last 8 years), but it never gets used. However, the practice often is :)
We don't have a term for it to be honest, pages are laid out at the comp's discretion due to the space left after the adverts are placed. If they have any queries or questions they'll let me have a look.

Depends on the paper really, it's a very specific term, is it likely to come up?
Not sure, really. I know I'll be knocking up some dummy pages, so want to use the correct terms. It's not something I've had a lot of experience in, but would like to get into. Just want to use correct jargon!
I wouldn't worry about it too much then :) Just watch out for stories dropping out the end of columns and such when fitting them into a page. Little things like that, attention to details, follow the house style, etc.


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Anyone know any good online tutorials for laying out newspaper style pages with lots of columns, headlines and photos? I always find newsletters hard work and I've got one coming up shortly. I seem to spend ages moving things around that then makes everything else need moving in a neverending cycle!