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InDesign Advice

Hi guys,

Am putting together a 20 page brochure in InDesign and have just been told they want to add another page in which folds out from the inside spread - I've drawn the green rectangle where they want it. How do I add a page in into Indesign as they are all spreads?

I'm still learning indesign so any advice would be a great help.



Active Member
Hi Steve,

This is how I would go about it...

Layout > Pages > Insert Page (at end of document)

Then with the Pages window open, click for extra options menu tab in top right of the window, then make sure 'Allow document pages to shuffle' is un-ticked/un-selected, then just simply drag the last page upto the position you need it in, it should look like this...

ahhh! - great job, thanks Greg - be looking for a solution for a while but everything I googled didnt come up with anything useful so thought I'd ask the experts.

Muchos gracias
I'd turn facing pages off too from the set up new doc screen (when you click apple+n) and in the pages tab, uncheck "allow selected pages to shuffle" so then you can scroll up and down the spreads and everything is centered, and you can drag the pages around in the pages tab as much as you like