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Incredibly Cool Festival T-shirts 2013

As t-shirt printers and designers we love good t-shirt design, we also love good music - apart from our copywriter Sam who has an unnatural obsession with One Direction. Here is our selection of the best t-shirts from this years Music Festivals.

It has been a great year for summer music festivals around the globe. From Glastonbury to Newport, millions have gone wild to the sound of their favourite bands live. And with huge audiences and copious amounts of festival goers comes great possibilities of sales, especially when it comes to everyone’s favourite clothing piece: printed T-shirts.
Not so long ago we looked at the perfect love triangle that exists between screen printing, festivals and bands, well today we’re going to go one step further than that.
We have indulged in a selection of the best official merchandising T-shirts from some of the most important music festivals and brought them all into one hand gallery here for you to enjoy!

Unfortunately there were so many that i can't post them all here, but you find them all on the original blog post