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In need of a good magazine....

I've had a craving for a good magazine lately, what I'm looking to do is subscribe to a magazine which has everything from tips to inspiration. My styles include traditional art, cartoon, fantasy and well just art, illustration and design in general. So does anybody know of any great magazines that would give me my fix?
Juxtapoz is usually ever looked at it? There was also a japanese art one that sounds like you would like, I will ask my professor tomorrow as to what it was called.

I know here in Canada we have an Applied Arts magazine that is terrific, the last issue showcased all award winning student works,
Thanks for the reply Kurtis. As I want to subscribe I'm only really looking for UK based magazines, overseas magazine subscriptions may start racking up the costs :S


Staff member
If I buy any then it's usually Computer Arts but I'm picky with the issues as to what I find relevant to my taste so I tend to have a good flick through before I buy.
That's when the buggers haven't poly-wrapped them.

There's the AOI mag called Vrooom or something but I've never read it myself.
Yep I've now subscribed to Computer Arts and ImagingFX, both seem to have everything I need. Although when buying a back copy of computer arts I received a computer music, silly people so yet to read it :(