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In need of a camera for my travels - Help!

I'm going travelling near the end of the year and am looking for a camera of decent quality to caputure my experiences; people, places etc...

I'm no pro when it comes to photography or camera's but I think I have a keen eye and with the right camera could catch some amazing shots to capture my experiences.

I used to help out with my ex doing wedding photography so I know bits about camera's and how they work etc but I dont want anything TOO technical or too bulky or pricey either, but something a bit more heavy duty and a lot better quality than the compact digital I already have (which will not do the job)

I don't have a budget in mind at the moment as I am curently saving and need to seriously sort out my finances and what I can afford closer to the time. But I would like to get a camera soon to get a feel for it before I go away.

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, information to help that would be much appreciated :)

Thanks x


Staff member
I'd say look into the micro 4/3rds digital slr's. They're slr's but they're smaller basically.
olympus and panasonic do them off the top of my head and sony do the ex1 but thats a different lens fit.

If that's not right you could look into one of the fixed lens 'slr' like compacts with manual focus etc.
I bought a GE X5 for my travels when I went to spain, got some great shots out there with it, and was only around £120 so half the price of most.

I would also look at the Canon EOS 1000D too, this is slightly bigger (changeable lenses etc) but will last you in the long run.

Hope it's a lil help :)


Senior Member
Panasonics Lumix range is incredible! Even the point and click end of the range has amazing functions, but above all else they all have incredible lenses and exposure plates.

Likewise the Canon Ixus range is much the same deal!

LUMIX Digital Cameras - Super Zoom - DMC-FZ38 - Overview - Panasonic UK & Ireland

This is probably one of the best bridge level cameras for the price available. I've used it for professional jobs and the world is none the wiser!
I would second mrp on the panasonic lumix! Ive had mine for 4 years (tz3) and I've had some better photos off that than my SLR! The tz5 I have also tried which is awesome and I'm thinking of upgrading to the tz7 and IMO I wouldnt look at anything else apart from the panasonic lumix for a point and shoot!

SLR's are a whole different kettle of fish :)
Thanks Birdy :)
This whole researching into which one to get is a little too confusing for me, it's all going straight over my head!

I wish someone could just pick one that was perfect for me and have done with ha. x