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'in design' help

Kerbybabe huh? XD Nice humor.

If you give the measurements I can send you a InDesign Template in the next day. Also is it CS3> or CS4 u using? Depending on the type I will need to save accordingly.


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Bleeds are pretty straight forward. Its just an overlap for the printer to cut off, ask the printer/client what the bleed distance is, and then set up the document with that distance bleed.

Then overlap your artwork into that area. Bingo.

Tom Sound

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kerbybabe said:
Anyone else that can help? Thanks
:clap:he's right though, you'll need 3mm bleed on all four sides so make your document size A4 (210mm x 297mm) and your artwork 3mm larger on all four sides (216mm x 303mm). Save your file as a pdf and in the marks and bleed bit, set it to all four sides at 3mm and turn crop marks on, that's it!
Not entirely sure what other help you need :( The above posts answer your query perfectly. Although, annoyingly, I have a document I created at work which details this exact problem, but I don't have it with me. I made up a really quick PDF that will help you, maybe it would be good as a reference sheet. Who knows. It's nothing pretty, nor special :)

http://www.rbryant.co.uk/files/bleed%20and%20crops.pdf *

However, after looking at the document, maybe you'll find some of these tutorials helpful. They deal with some basic principles of InDesign. Tutorial Roundup for Getting Started with InDesign

http://creativecurio.com/2008/06/indesign-project-—-setting-up-master-pages-and-styles/ is particularly helpful in setting up character/paragraph styles (great if the client wants to change all the fonts/sizes at a moments notice)!

(* Disclaimer, there's several different ways to do most things!)