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Improving yourself as a designer


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As lacedrabbit and Lee have said above, nice article Nathan.

This doesn’t just refer to blogging but all forms of criticism. However if you go out on a limb and broadcast your views and writing to the world - you can rest assured that some people are compelled to spite you, whether it be justified or not. Prepare for a few off-colour comments.

Criticism isn’t always constructive, but try to imagine why the comments have been made and consider how you can improve on this and try to avoid it happening again. Do not react harshly - angry retorts can drive visitors away and do nothing for your profile. Words can easily be misinterpreted on the web so be careful.
I think this section of your post is a really important point to remember, I've seen a few popular design blogs lose some of their audience as a result of taking the criticism too personally and reacting before thinking it through.

Think I mentioned this in reply to another of your posts, feel free to add your blog/site link to your signature then you won't need to remember to add it to the end of each post.