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Importance of colours in branding


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Colour is the strongest visual element of the brand and the AA has the highest ‘colour recall’, according to new research.

The survey, by trademark lawyers Withers & Rogers, shows that 64 per cent of respondents rated colour more important to a brand than slogan, typeface or logo shape.

The brands that were most recognisable by their colour were AA for its yellow and black, which was recognised by 98 per cent of respondents; Easyjet for its orange, recognised by 93 per cent; Cadbury for its purple and BP for its green, both recognised by 88 per cent; and Royal Mail’s red, recognised by 85 per cent.
AA has most recognisable colours, survey shows - Design Week

Interesting read :up:


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Just read it, tis very interesting, 98% recognised the AA's colours, that is an insanely high percentage.

The publishers I work for own For Dummies, they are an imprint of Wiley (publishers i work for) and they use Black and Yellow with a few other select colours, i think those would be recognised by a high percentage of people, especially as you can get anything in "For Dummies" format now-a-days


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Harry said:
Yeah I think I saw 'Milking a Franchise for Dummies' the other day ;)
Funny thing is, even though that was sarcasm there probably IS a book for that!

It's the easiest stuff to design too, Myriad Pro Bold Italic font, about 5 colours to choose from and thats about it.


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Google colours? I recon they are highly recognisable to anyone.

Interesting article anyway....Ide definately know the cadburys purple.....