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Images dpi changes after pdfing from Indesign CS4

Discussion in 'Adobe Forum:' started by blanchard, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. blanchard

    blanchard Member

    Hello all,
    I have an image saved as a CMYK .eps at a resolution of 300dpi
    which I have placed into an Indesign CS4 document and then scaled up to 200%

    I then pdf's the document.

    Now upon opening the pdf and Selecting the Preflight option I get an error on the image saying it's only 150dpi.

    How could this have happened?

  2. sthomas

    sthomas Member

    It's because you've scaled the image 200% - if the size of the image is increased, the dpi decreases.

    You can't scale a 300dpi raster image and expect it to retain its resolution of 300dpi.

    Look up the term 'interpolation'.
  3. blanchard

    blanchard Member

    Cheers mate bob-on

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