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image wrapping problem (probably easy but ive stared way too long at it..)


Senior Member
Hi all, I am having a little problem with the placement of images on this site. This isn't my code, but I added the images in. If you look at: Sanya China Travel China Holidays - China Tour Hotels - Sifang Guesthouse Hotel

And click the Itinerary tab, and see under heading Rooms you'll see that the images "hang out of" the grey boxes that are meant to hold them. the grey background is a style rule for the <p> tags (the text around the images) The border at the top of each content block being the top of each <h4> tag.

I have tried adding a <div> around each block of content in firebug, with a grey background, to enclose the image, however this doesn't seem to work.

The images also become misaligned when they are too close to one another: Tailor Made Holidays to China and the Far East (under itineraries tab)

A link to what it's meant to look like is here: Tailor Made Holidays to China and the Far East

(this is just fluke; because of the fact theres enough text to flow fully around the image, and enough space for the image not to become misaligned due to being too close to the last image)

Can anyone help point out what the problem is? :/

Thanks in advance