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Image Library Recommendations

Hi All,

I'm looking for image library recommendations please. We are a 200+ staff organisation, and hold over 10,000 images.

In addition we have a large library of infographics and symbols in InDesign and Illustrator which it would be helpful to include in the library as vector files.

The images would need to be accessible by all staff but we would need permission settings so that certain staff could just view images but not download based on copyright restrictions.

At the moment we have a piece of software called Open Asset, which a lot of staff use, but we don't find the search function very intuitive and uploading to the library is difficult because as you upload you can't view a thumbnail of the images you're uploading (a basic flaw!).

Does anyone have any recommendations of systems that they use within graphic design and marketing teams for a large company to store a large library of images in this way please?