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Image gallery or portfolio for Wordpress or Joomla


I've got a few websites to build and they will require an image gallery or portfolio of some kind.

I've been working with HTML since 1998 so I'm up to speed with latest standards but I'm coming from a design background and not a tech/development angle. To date have made numerous static websites but I need to get further with Wordpress and/or Joomla.

I've so far got a bit further with Wordpress as I've spent longer looking at it than Joomla and on the face of it it looks easier to use but I haven't produced a website with either yet.

The sites I have to do are basic, one for a plumber, one for a carpenter and one for a sign writer - so basic about us and what we do type content pages but all are keen on a good attractive way to show off their work in a photo gallery. I'm keen to develop a model that will work with all three websites and once I've got these under my belt with be able to move forward with more.

I'm sure this will open the debate about which is better and at the end of the day its my choice, but if I'm going to put in the time to learn one, even if one will take longer to learn if it offers more flexibility in the long run it'll be worth the effort. The other consideration is what one might open up more commercial opportunities and chances of future employment. Ultimatly if I'm going to end up learning both, which one should I table first?

Any recomendations of what to use and good FREE gallery add ons I could use with them.

Cheers, Tim.


Active Member
My advice is wordpress, easier to use both for development and without doubt from your clients perspective.

Wordpress has a gallery feature built in, you can then just a plugin, colorbox / fancybox or similar to work with it if you like.

There is also a featured image function for posts which is useful if you wanted to created a portfolio with a main gallery/navigation which links through to full pages.