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I'm in a difficult situation, please give me advice

Hi there,

I am working as a web designer for about 4 years. I worked in many big companies and big brands have done their job in the process. But there's something I can not get rid of for a long time. Sometimes I feel very inadequate! :(

inspiration does not come to me sometimes and I can not conceive of anything! This bothers me a lot and I'm nervous. I really wonder if i can not do this job, I'm worried. But sometimes there are times, too, I'm taking the super work. This sometimes causes me depression. :(

I want to ask you. I wonder if this situation for every designer is same, what is the solution for this situation? How do I put things in the way?
I do not call myself as a master but I wanna be master. :ph34r:

Waiting for your advice.

Thank you in advance. :)


Staff member
You're not on your own.

I think pretty much every creative goes through designers block, white page syndrome or whatever you prefer to call it.
It's worse when the pressure is on.

I was been off working on site doing more practical tasks and sat down to do some creating on my return only to hit a wall.
I find that trying to do something a little creative every day, even if it's just a bit of doodling helps to keep that part of the brain working.
Also it's good to get some inspiration and I have a few sites that I start the day by checking.

Why not start a few Pinterest boards and grab the images that inspire you?

I just find that trawling through random images helps me a lot and Pinterest is great for that as I can't form mental images and it kind of works as
a virtual minds eye.

I think it really helps to keep your mind in a creative groove.


Staff member
just go and do something that makes it difficult to take notes/do work... ie trying to go to sleep, bathroom that sort of thing. Seriously I get loads of ideas at the most inopportune times.