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illustrator required

illustrator required.

front of house branding for a gay bar

Up to date:
Currently we have come up with the idea of using typography and use describing word in random sizes, colours and angles. We want to add to this by having pictures and things.

the style is to be very minimalistic. We are looking to use a competitor for inspiration and take there branding and put a spin on it. The other bar that we want to copy the style of is.. Baa Bar (Baa Bar | Bars, Clubs, Parties, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham For example the icons you see.. etc

£50 Per Hour.

Contact Details:
PM or email: kinder.daniel@live.co.uk


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You don't necessarily need an illustrator, most designers should be able to handle logos and branding, but they might not want to "copy" someone else's designs.

Btw, £ per hour isn't a budget!