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Hi, im trying to make a nice simple logo, but I cant get different letters to line up properly. Heres a few screenshots...

In this example, I'm trying to join up some letters, but my connector shape wont fit the size of the letter. It will either be too thin or too fat:


After that failing, I tried twisting a letter on its side to join the letters up like that, but even doing that its as if they have their own grids.


Any ideas? Just as a note, this was happening before I turned on the grids.



Your right! :)

Another problem now though, I zoom in and it looks fine - but when I go @ 100% it looks off..


Zoomed in



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Illustrator does "strange" things sometimes. Try and print that; and see how it comes out.

Then just simply restart your computer; that fixes many mistakes. If it still doesn't work:
open an AI file that you already have (one that works) - give it a different name - remove the stuff you don't need and do your work there. Should work then.


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You may be on the snap to grid option, take it off this if you are.

1. Bring the keyboard increment down to low value like 0.1mm
2. Select the corner nodes of the side of the shape you want to move (to select more than one node use the direct selection tool and hold down shift when selecting the nodes)
3. move the nodes with the up and down arrows on the keyboard.

This will give you better control than using a mouse.

Or you could always merge the objects together then delete nodes that are sticking out

Hope this helps
Digital Naga

Digital Naga

There are a couple of things you should do

1. turn off the grids

2. turn off all snap to grid and smart guides leave snap to point on

3. check that the none of your shapes have a stroke.

4. pull out a guide and line it up

5. then grab the edge of the object you need to aline to the guide and drag it on to the guide till the cursor turns white.

If you have tried all of these then I would try WEBIANS comments by either creating a new Ai document and copying across or turning everything off and restarting