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illustrator color problem


Junior Member
hey guys
im having problems with illustrator when i overlay a black/dark gray object over a red object or vice versa.
the edge's of the objects that meet are choppy 'lq' if you know what i mean

any help would be appreciated
What is the 'new document profile'? (Print, web, etc?)
What are the Raster Effects Settings (Effect > Document Raster...)
Are the objects vectors or rasters, linked/placed images.

Give us a screenshot as there's not much to work with.


Junior Member
im not sure tbh ive just attempted to stay away from using the two colors
i'll try it now

just checked and it does remain choppy after exporting
same for all sizes
same for all objects vector, raster etc when one is black and the other red (orange and purple as well not as obvious though)
same at higher resolution (300 dpi)
A few thoughts:

It's not as bad as I imagined.
What is your monitor resolution? (Also, what is your monitor?)
Try setting up a new document in Print preset, with raster effects set to 300dpi.
Can you save as a PDF, open in Preview or Acrobat and take another screenshot?