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Illustrator - Align to pixel Grid

Discovered this yesterday - thought I would post it just in case anyone else had the same issue.

When I was drawing a graphic I couldn't get 2 objects to align, I went through all my snapping options etc. and it still wouldn't work. After a quick look on the web I found that when I create a new document, I should of had Align new objects to pixel grid switched off. The big issue I had was that adobe don't seem to have a master command to switch this off, once you have starting working in a document - you have to use an option in the Transform palette to switch it off individual objects. :down:

I can see how it would be useful for designing websites, as my colleagues are always saying I should design my websites in Photoshop as Illustrator is not pixel perfect. :)


Junior Member
Actually there's a well-hidden option to turn it off globally within a document – you can find it in the Transform palette menu. Should be in the Document setup, IMO. Or both.

It does get quite complicated as you have to check that both the document and the object you're editing have it turned on/off, as combining two objects with the pathfinder might result in distorted results if the global option is on and object-level setting off.

Well that last sentence just shows how complicated this whole thing is :D