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Illustrator - 3D

Hey guys,

I've been having a play around on Illustrator with the 3D options, I basically wanted to add a rounded extrude and bevel to some lettering. Once I'd played around with all the settings, it pretty much came out how I wanted it to except for all of these little jaggy bits sticking out all over it. :confused: Here's a screen shot..

Does anyone have any ideas why these are appearing and how to get rid? I've jiggled the settings around a bit but they still show up, just a bit smaller.
Hey Tom,

Just tried that and it lets me delete those parts - but then I'm left with these gaps..

On the 3D dialogue box, when I change any of the settings for the E&B, it says "Path self-intersection may have occured."

Is it maybe something to do with the fact it's basically one line making up a word that I'm trying to apply the 3D to?


Well-Known Member
I've never come across this phenomena when playing with these features in Illustrator but my best advice would be to try copying & pasting the text, then converting what you're working with to paths. This may let Illustrator extrude the shapes easier without any mess. Hope that helps.
From what you said with paths, I redrew around one of the letters making sure I closed the anchor points at the end so it was a shape, instead of just one line, and it's worked just fine. Must have been because as I had it before, it was just one brush stroke making up the word.

Thanks for the help :)