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Illustration Website


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Ok Folks,

I'm about to update the images on my portfolio website (below), as most of them are quite old.
I'm just wondering if the whole site needs a revamp or, indeed, a complete redesign.

I've got a lot more recent computer-done stuff that badly needs to go on there. I'm a bit of an old git though, and I'm worried that the site on the whole is looking too old-fashioned, not just the work.

Any advice appreciated.
Hi Wardy,

I think there is definitely scope to improve on your current site. For example it could be a lot wider, with larger previews of your work, the gallery is a little glitchy for me, and the descriptions etc. aren't overly clear. You also don't seem to be able to add more than 8 images to a gallery if you wanted to.

I think over-all it can be 'modernised' and made a little clearer, allowing a bit of space. But with this said, I'm sure it does the job!

Will be nice to see some of your more recent work.




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Thanks Chris,

I agree with what you say, especially the size of the images. It does the job ok at the moment,
but not sure if it's enough.
No worries.

There's plenty of designers/ web designers here, including myself, that I'm sure would be willing to help if needed. OR maybe you are muti-talented?



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Certainly not that talented, otherwise I would've updated images ages ago!

Sorry, should've said thanks for the offer, will bear that in mind! :)