Illustration license fee - how much?

Suz Anne

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I'm working on a quote for an illustration, it's an assignment that's right up my lane and that I really want to win! It's for a medium-sized company doing work in a global niche market (so not a big publishing agency or anything, but quite big in their industry). They want to use the image on their website and in presentations in first instance, and in the future also on their printed marketing. Possibly also in video intros or on larger printed banner stands, but that part is speculative just now.

Based on the brief, I reckon it's going to take me about 5-8 days full-time to do (I'll narrow this down a bit), so calculating the labour part of it is going to be relatively straightforward.

However what would I charge them for the usage rights of the image? I think it would be good for them to have the exclusive rights to the image for about 10 years, as it's going to be the main image that tells their story of what they offer as a business. As far as I'm aware, granting them such rights means that I am not allowed to use the same image (or derivative) for another client within the next 10 years, is that correct?

We haven't spoken about the copy- and usage rights as such, so I don't want to charge them a high fee that comes as a complete surprise. However, I know that I do need to charge something as it's a common practice among illustrators. I'm just a bit lost here as this is my first illustration assignment..

On the same topic, what does an image license look like? Do I have to draw up a license contract for both parties to sign in two-fold, or does their approval via email count as well? It's an EU company, so do I have to navigate all sorts of legal mazes to sort this out or is it fairly straightforward?

Any help would be massively appreciated, thank you! :D


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I think you need to concentrate on getting the job first, which probably means forgetting about licences and usage rights for the moment. If you end up quoting
twice as much as the next person then you simply won't get the job. Most clients will just presume they have full rights to the image once they've paid for it.
Just put in a decent quote and include an add-on if they want exclusive rights etc.


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Have you had a look at the AOI? I think it would be a good idea to join them, they have a pricing calculator which determines what the standard in the industry is, that way you don't have to worry about over or undercharging :)
Good luck with the job!