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Illustration feedback


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Hi All
I have been working on a project for some packaging and branding.
Basically the product is multi-coloured dog treats that are in sealable tubs/pots. the tubs look abit like a big yogurt pot with a label on the front and back.
These are the treats: They also have a paw shape treat too

eventually they want to offer cat treats too but for now just have dog treats.
Here is initial mock up, just looking for some feedback on the illustration and the concept. Still waiting for information to put on the labels.



Staff member
If I'm honest I don't think the dog's style goes with the rest of the branding/packaging based on your picture.
The dog seems too dominant, now it could just be the image you've uploaded but it seems that the main branding is quite 'muted' and your dog is for lack of a better description like a shiny sticker stuck on top of a matt card packet.


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I agree with Levi, the dog has a black outline which makes it stand out too much. He doesn't look too happy either.
Does it have to be all central, there's a lot of space either side. Not too sure about the crease, too.


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Thanks for the feedback.
The reason why I have made everything centre is because its going to be wrapping around a tub. Can't think what to put in that space, was working off less is more kind of thing. I am still waiting for information from the client about nutritional values, weight and things like that.
In terms of the dog what would you do? remove the black outline, maybe use a brown instead of black and soften the colours to match in with the pastel colours?


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Leave the colour of the dog as he might disappear into the background, or he could be orange or yellow as in the logo.
Brown outline, turn mouth up at the end at least, and add a highlight on the nose.


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Loving the Pet Pots logo, but I agree the dog needs work. At least make him a happy chappy! Personally I'd consider re-drawing his back end altogether. And yeah as Wardy said, give him a shiny nose!