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Illustrated Portrait Trouble

Hi everyone
A few weeks ago I had an attempt at illustrating my face in a similar fashion to the image bellow but it turned out looking like the creepiest thing I had ever produced. If your interested in checking it out here's a [Link]. It had little receivables to me and I it was mainly due to the massive bug eyes I fashioned. I'm now on my second attempt at this task and I'm to the fateful task of creating the eyes again but they keep looking rubbish can anyone give me some tips or lend me a hand?

Cheers Adam



Well-Known Member
I don't think they're too far off.

For a start, the bright, flat green makes them stand out far too much - try toning that down. Most people draw eyes
unnaturally wide, so try bringing the top lid down slightly. The iris (coloured bit) needs to be bigger, I think, and tuck into that
top lid more.