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If you submit your own work to a "x of the day" site, is it still worthy?


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Sorry if this is the wrong forum Greg, no idea where to post this!

I've just had my logo featured on www.logooftheday.com which is fantastic. I'm already getting a few clickthroughs because of it.

However, I submitted the logo myself. I know no one is else going to. But then you have logos on there that have probably been submitted by people who aren't the designer of them and I'm wondering if having your work submitted/talked about without any action by you is more worthy than if you've made the effort to do it yourself?

An example of this is when my logo was featured by David Pache in part II of his 100 Brands of Interest a feature which was not initiated by me, but by Pache himself. It felt great to have been found and recognised by such a great designer without me having to do anything to earn such an accolade.

But, on the flipside, I submitted my work to Dirty Mouse and got it featured. Again, I got some nice spikes in traffic because of it.

So, I'm wondering how you all feel about it. Is submitting your work yourself to sites such as the above as valuable as when someone else does it for you?
Well I would say of course its still worthy, if you get selected then its not about who submitted it.

I am a firm believer in the more you put into something the more you get out of it and this is simply you putting something else into your own work.

It might sound harsh but at the end of the day who else cares enough to submit you? Someone has to, if you want it done right, do it yourself :)


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If you submit your site to a low quality gallery which will accept pretty much all sites (think of CSSMania and the dozens of other galleries), then there is not much honor to be taken in there. These galleries will greatly improve your visitor count though.

Being selected for a high quality gallery (think of BestWebGallery and Favourite Website Awards), even though this means submitting yourself, is still a big deal. For Logo Of The Day, it's still an honor to be featured. They must get a dozen or more submissions every day, and you got picked.

And in my opinion, blog is an interchangeable term with gallery, for this matter. So congratulations ;)