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IE8 issues


Senior Member

Im doing a website at the moment and its coming along very nicely. Looks great in safari, firefox, chrome and IE8 on my home pc but when i look at it on my work pc which is also running IE8 it look different. I have no idea why this is.

Both machines have IE8 so why would it change.:mad:

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Have you check the ever so awesome 'compatibility mode' button? Maybe one of the machines has it turned off/on whilst the other doesn't?


Senior Member
I'm not sure if IE8 is affected by different OS' but it is a possibility.

Essentially if they have different screen width resolutions this could cause issues, as one or the other could not be designed for.


Staff member
screenshots would be useful but I would say it could be down to screen resolutions to, depending on how the site is coded it could be stretching the info across the page more on the 17" widescreen


Senior Member
on the widescreen it looks good in ie, firefox, safari and chrome but on the non widescreen its just playing up with ie.

i built my website on the same machine and it looks right on the non widescreen i use at work