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IE6 problems with my new wordpress theme

Hey everyone,

I'm working on a wordpress theme to hopefully sell on themeforest.net and its pretty much finished now. But imhaving problems that are just bugging the crap outta me. Here is the site:


It looks fine in Firefox but IE6 has this weird spacing problem that i cant figure out. If anyone can help I'll give you the theme for free ( i know its pretty crap but at least its something :p )

I have been able to fix a bunch of problems with a bit of IE6 specific css, which is bad practice i know but its driving me crazy and the fix still validates.

I still have an issue with the drop down menu on the 'services' link if anyone is bored enough to try and fix IE6 issues, believe me i dont blame anyone for keeping clear of this thread :p


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Not sure why you are sporting 3 stylesheets, and a lot of your code code be reduced... you have a lot of duplicate information as well.
I can't personally see any major issues with the layout in IE6, except the gap beneath the search box is wider?
Thanks for checking it out blueocto. There should only be 2 style sheets now and thats because you can customise the wordpress theme to have a large header with the latest portfolio items or a small header with a simple text heading so there is:

style.css - stylesheet for pretty much everything
style_big.css - if the big header is turned on
style_small.css - if the small header is being used

About the search bar gap, ive chosen to ignore it :p

Ok here is my final problem

The drop down menu (on ‘Services’ link) in IE6 is layered behind the content div and the heading. This is because the drop down menu uses position:absolute and the content and heading uses position:relative.

I cant get rid of the position:relative unfortunately because I need it for some other divs.
I have tried z-index and the problem still exists in IE.

Thanks again for your support and if you want a copy of the theme when its finished just say the word!
Almost forgot, there is also a stylesheet for the color scheme (there are 10 color schemes you can choose from in the wordpress dashboard) so yes there is 3 stylesheets.


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Yea I think IE6 ignores z-index... hmm I'm sure someone like Harry can help further with that one - I'm still practising myself in all fairness! heh

Bug Report: Explorer z-index bug

I found the solution in the comments, it is as follows:

I have a dropdown menu that is like:
ul > li > a
ul > li > ul > li > a
So each menu item can contain a list that shows up on :hover.
What I did was give each element a zindex, starting with 1, and incrementing by 1 as I got deeper in the tree. I also removed any unnecessary zindex properties from other elements that I was messing with to try to get it to work.
Thanks blueocto for reminding me just how crap IE6 is, i think i under estimated how bad it is and assumed z-index would work!

Thanks for your help!